27 September 2018

Nominations for the Zero Waste Network Board of Directors have now opened and are due by 5pm, Tuesday 16th October 2018. Being a member of the ZWNA Board is a great way to contribute to the network, and we welcome applications from suitably skilled individuals who share our values and mission. 

As outlined in Zero Waste Network Australia's Constitution, ZWN requires a minimum of 3 people to sit on the Board of Directors. This will mean that the individuals on the Board hold responsibility for ensuring the legal compliance and financial solvency of ZWNA. The liability for decisions made by the Board of Directors will be covered by Director's Indemnity insurance, and applies to the individuals on the Board, meaning the member organisations that people on the Board are from will not be in any way exposed to liabilities incurred as a result of Board decisions. 

Membership Paperwork:
In order for your organisation to nominate a representative for the Board of Directors, you must be a member of Zero Waste Network Australia. This makes your organisation an official member of ZWNA, but limits your organisation's liability to a contribution of $10 in the unlikely event of ZWNA winding up. To apply for membership, fill in your details via https://www.zerowastenetwork.org.au/join.

Additionally, you must have paid your membership dues to nominate or second somebody for a position on the Board. If you are currently a member of ZWNA and haven't received an invoice for membership renewal, please contact us and we will organise to have this re-sent to the correct contact.

Nomination Process:
If you are considering a nomination for Board of Directors, great! Please fill out and scan the ZWNA Director Nomination form below. You will need a CRNA member organisation to nominate and second you. Someone from your own organisation can nominate you for a position on the Board, and if you need a seconder, we could assist with this.

If you would like any further advice regarding any of the above, including the process and legalities of becoming a Director of ZWNA, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Nominations are due by 5pm, Tuesday 15th October 2018.


Steering Committee

If you are keen on being involved in helping to steer ZWNA and support community recycling around the country, but do not wish to sit on the Board of Directors, that's fine - a National Steering Committee representing member enterprises will be established to hold monthly teleconference meetings to discuss ZWNA operations, formulate responses to issues affecting the sector, and drive ZWNA's various projects. Feel free to contact Matt Allen at @email if you would like to discuss being involved in the Steering Committee in 2019. 


ZWNA Director Nomination Form 2018.pdf